Merger & Acquisition Services


Sell-Side Advisory

•   Sale of total business to a strategic or financial buyer
•   Divestiture of business units or product lines

Falls' professionals start any assignment by working with the client to thoroughly understand their objectives.  Falls' professionals pride themselves on keeping its clients appropriately advised throughout all its assignments.


A typical sale process typically includes:

•  Performing valuation assessments of the transaction 
•  Identifying, evaluating and qualifying prospective transaction partners
•  Determining and recommending to the client the appropriate sale process (e.g., a limited audience solicitation, a large scale     solicitation, or a single-party negotiation, and whether the process should include just strategic buyers, just financial               buyers, or both)
•  Preparing confidential evaluation materials
•  Preparing a company for the sale process
•  Evaluating purchase proposals
•  Assisting client in an evaluation of the intangible issues
•  Negotiating terms and consideration
•  Managing financial due diligence
•  Assisting the client and its attorneys through the closing

Buy-Side Advisory


A typical acquisition search process typically includes:

•  Defining acquisition criteria by target industry, target products, target manufacturing or distribution capability and focus,      size of target, target purchase price range, and the need to retain target management talent by the client
•  Identifying, evaluating, and qualifying prospective targets
•  Contacting principal owner(s)/CEO of target
•  Assisting the client in all aspects of the evaluation/valuation, negotiation, letter of intent, due diligence, purchase contract    and closing processes

Our Fees


M&A Services are covered under an engagement agreement that specifies the services provided, the terms and conditions of the agreement, and the fees for our services. 


Our fees for these services are typically a combination of a retainer fee and a success fee.  These fees are based on our assessment of the degree of difficulty of the assignment, the probability of a successful conclusion, the overall time we believe the assignment will take, and the amount of manpower it will consume during the assignment.   With the exception of acquisition search services and valuation services, generally speaking no two transactions are charged the same formula. 


We believe that our fees are generally lower than industry norms and most likely lower than the amount much larger investment banking firms would charge for the same assignment.  Being a small firm, we keep our overheads low and this fact is generally apparent when making relative fee comparisons.  At the same time, utilizing our network of independent investment banking firms enables us to achieve the same kind of result, and often better, than a much larger organization would achieve.